News » NICK PITARRA Patreon now live! + GEOFF SHAW / THANOS update!

February 9, 2018

Hey Nick Pitarra fans! Good news...his Patreon page is now up!:

Besides planning out the next phase of THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS, Nick has also been working on an exciting creator-owned project, soon to be announced at Image Expo! But that's nothing compared to the REAL adventure he and his wife are planning...a new family!

Hence, the Patreon page to assist with associated medical expenses. But don't just support it to help him yourself out to the awesome rewards! Unlike most Patreons, Nick is giving away ORIGINAL ART to supporters for as little as $5/month! You cannot beat that deal...over a year, that's still cheaper than a simple con sketch!

So please do check out his page. There are only so many slots available before all the original art is gone. Good luck and thanks for reading!

Now onto Geoff Shaw: His THANOS #15 ("Thanos Wins Part 3") original art issue has sold complete! Congrats to Geoff and the buyer! This is a standout issue, with a kickass cover, and some of the most important interior story pages in this event, including the first appearance of Dark Silver Surfer! Check out the scans here:

Congrats as well to those who have been lucky enough to secure pages from "Thanos Wins" so far. There are three issues remaining, and there is serious interest in at least two of those issues complete. So the next issue that we are able to break up for individual page sales, could be the last opportunity to get a page from this run. Just something to keep in mind!

More news coming next week, including the latest episode of The Felix Comic Art Podcast as well as a major announcement! Thanks as always, talk soon!