News » PAUL POPE / BATMAN: YEAR 100 original art drops tomorrow, Fri. 2/9, at 9AM PST/12PM PST! 20+ pieces!

February 8, 2018

If you missed out on our last Paul Pope art drop two weeks ago (where 45/45 pieces sold out within an hour!), we've got exciting news for you: 20+ published pieces from BATMAN: YEAR 100 will be available tomorrow, Friday Feb. 9th, at 9AM PST/12PM EST! This is the most BATMAN: YEAR 100 original art ever offered at once!

BATMAN: YEAR 100 is Paul's most well-known work, and one of his most celebrated, netting him Eisner Awards for Best Writer/Artist and Best Limited Series. Key Batman pages have sold for upwards of $10K (, putting them out of reach for most collectors. Paul strives to make his art available to as many fans as possible. Therefore, we have carefully chosen over 20 pages for this offering...WITH EVERY PAGE UNDER $1000!

These pages do not feature Batman, but they are all excellent examples of Paul's storytelling as well as his mastery of mood and action. The same creativity and imagination (and sheer amount of ink!) fans have come to love from his other prime works (including THB, HEAVY LIQUID, 100%) are all evident on these pages. And like Paul's most important projects, the art is BIG, with each page measuring an impressive 19X24! These gorgeous published pages will display beautifully on your wall...for the fraction of the cost of an unpublished commission!

Time payments are available, please write me for details and approval before the drop. Feel free to write me with any questions. Thanks for reading, good luck to all tomorrow!