News » NEW COVERS added to site! + CHRIS MOONEYHAM commission list now open!

November 30, 2017

Thanks to all who checked out our THANOS #13 ("Thanos Wins Part 1") art drop earlier this week. 16 of 19 pages sold within an hour! With the AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR trailer debuting yesterday, Thanos is bigger than ever! For those who missed out, the good news is that THANOS WINS is a six-issue series, so there's still more stunning Geoff Shaw original to come. For those interested in potentially purchasing a complete issue, PLEASE let me know now, so I can add you to our list. Please keep watching for more news!

For cover collectors, we've just added a nice selection to the site, including the latest from GARRY BROWN, CHRIS BURNHAM, NICK DRAGOTTA, JAMES HARREN, DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON, and TRADD MOORE. Check 'em out!

And for commission collectors, CHRIS MOONEYHAM has just completed his last list and is ready to take a new one! Do take a moment to enjoy his latest commissions, featuring some of his strongest work to date. And write me with your request!

All new art, including THANOS WINS, assorted covers, and Chris Mooneyham commissions are viewable here:

Thanks for reading, talk soon!