News » GARRY BROWN + RAMON VILLALOBOS commission lists open! + Big NYCC update! + complete issues!

September 21, 2017

This is a BIG update, thanks for checking it out!

Garry Brown and Ramon Villalobos commission lists are NOW OPEN! You can see commission samples here:

These will be the last commission lists for both Garry and Ramon for 2017. Write me if you want to get on one!

As those who follow us know, we sell a lot of complete issues. The latest one to sell is James Harren's SEVEN TO ETERNITY #8 (scans are viewable on the site). We do strive to maintain a balance by selling complete issues only for series where there will be plenty of art to go around for everyone (for example, we broke up Tradd Moore's VENOM #150 issue, even though we could have sold that complete). However, we do also have to respect the artist's wishes, and in this case, James preferred to move the issue complete.

So along those lines...Daniel Warren Johnson had previously kept EXTREMITY #6 complete for himself. It's a standout issue, full of action, multiple double-page spreads, dramatic moments, et al. It's Daniel's favorite work that he's done. He is now willing to let it go complete. So please write me if interested!

For everyone else, we do anticipate that at least a couple more issues of EXTREMITY will sell complete, so keep that in mind when other issues get broken up! Complete issues for PAPER GIRLS, I HATE FAIRYLAND, INVINCIBLE, and others are also available, so again, write me!

Now...for some NYCC news: Happy to announce that Felix Comic Art and CGC will be hosting exclusive graded signings for Cliff Chiang, Paul Pope, and Skottie Young at NYCC 2017!

Cliff's signing is on Friday, Oct. 6, from 12PM-1PM at the CGC booth. Fees are $10/sig, $20/sig+remarque.

Skottie's signing is on Friday, Oct. 6 from 12PM-1PM at the CGC booth. Fee is $10/sig. No remarques.

Paul's signing in on Friday, Oct. 6 from 5PM-6PM at the CGC booth. Fees are $20/sig, $50/artist's sig+remarque.

For anyone who can't be there in person, please contact your favorite facilitator now to make arrangements. Drop-offs at the CGC booth are also OK.

Neither Cliff nor Paul are currently scheduled to make any other appearances at NYCC, so this will be the only signing for graded books.

The Paul Pope dinner/art event is now scheduled to feature additional guests Ian Bertram, Cliff Chiang, Nick Dragotta, James Harren, Daniel Warren Johnson, Tradd Moore, Riley Rossmo, and Skottie Young. Several of these artists are not appearing at NYCC otherwise, they will only be attending the dinner. We are currently sold out, but if anyone wants to be put on the waiting list, please write me.

As well, write me with any questions about the signings.

Thanks, see you all soon!