News » All-new Ryan Ottley INVINCIBLE original art drops Thurs. 8/3 at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT!

August 2, 2017

Title says it all! Brand-new INVINCIBLE original art from Ryan Ottly drops tomorrow, Thursday 8/3, at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT!

This time, there will ONLY be INVINCIBLE art! The end of this epic series is coming in just a few more issues, so there won't be many more chances to grab a page, especially from this all-important final arc.

Important note: In order to ensure that there are no delays, Ryan has decided to bring on inkers to help him finish up the run (although he does hope to ink the final issue himself). So there will very likely be no complete issues available going forward. To those who'd still like a complete issue, we do have a couple of earlier all-Ryan issues available. And that is it. So write me for details if interested.

Thanks for reading, see you tomorrow!