News » Daniel Warren Johnson EXTREMITY #4 original art drops tomorrow, Friday 6/9, at 9AM PDT! + JUAN GEDEON commission list open!

June 8, 2017

Daniel Warren Johnson's EXTREMITY #4 original art drops tomorrow, Friday June 9th, at 9AM PDT/12PM EDT!

Every single page, along with the cover, will be availble. It all goes live at the same time, and everyone will have the same shot! Good luck!

A lot of collectors have written me to ask for "dibs" on certain pages. If there are pages that you MUST have, then the only way to get them is to get the complete issue. Otherwise, it's first-come, first served once the art goes live on the site.

We do sell a lot of complete issues, though, so we can make it work for you. We have many complete issues coming in that will be available, including James Harren's SEVEN TO ETERNITY, Skottie Young's I HATE FAIRYLAND, and of course, Daniel's EXTREMITY. Right now, it's looking like GOD COUNTRY #6 will not be available complete, as Geoff has gifted a page to a friend. As well, Ryan Ottley's INVINCIBLE will likely not be available complete, as he will be using an inker to finish up the series. But otherwise, do write me for more details if you have any interest in owning your own personal Artist's Edition!

Finally, Juan Gedeon's SDCC commission list is NOW OPEN! You do NOT need to attend the show to get on his list! Check out his most recent samples here:

Juan continues to create amazing commissions for fans. Really striking work. Write me for details and to get your own! We can deliver at SDCC or ship to you (anywhere in the world!).

Thanks as always for reading, final HeroesCon update coming next week!