News » C2E2 commissions lists open for STEPHEN GREEN & RAMON VILLALOBOS! + New podcast/video!

March 10, 2017

C2E2 is next month, so we're now opening commissions lists for STEPHEN GREEN and RAMON VILLALOBOS! Check out their latest samples (along with all new art) here:

As usual, you do NOT need to attend the show to get on their lists. I will ship after the show for non-attendees. We pride ourselves on delivering the best commission experience in the hobby, so write me with any questions and requests! And again, check out Stephen and Ramon's commissions samples. Beautiful stuff, get 'em before they blow up!

For podcast fans, the latest episode of the Felix Comic Art Podcast is up! We return to Seattle for our second annual ECCC roundtable:

We've got a group of the savviest collectors in the hobby, so listen in as they share their collected hobby wisdom, stories of collecting triumphs (and disasters!), and all the other crazy comic art stuff you love!

We also have a new show-and-tell video with roundtable participant Andy Robbins on our YouTube channel:

Check it out to see some incredible historic pieces by Jack Kirby, Frank Miller, and Mike Mignola! Also a couple of OK pages by John Byrne!

We'll be back next week with more updates, see you all soon!